We are uncovering better ways of developing Agile Professionals. Through this work we have come to value:-

A continuous learning pathway over a one-off course
Group exploration over individual reflection
Guided navigation over a solo journey
An immersive adventure over personal comfort

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.
The Scrum Mastery Pathway™ is a new, exciting and unique way to become a great Scrum Master.

The Scrum Mastery Pathway in Lego

What is the Scrum Mastery Pathway™?

This is no ordinary training course. The Scrum Mastery Pathway™ provides a comprehensive development pathway for Scrum Masters delivered through three elements - Explorer, Navigator and Adventurer.

Delegates begin by ‘exploring’ all the major skills and facets of great Scrum Masters during two days of training. They are then provided access to a dedicated group chat and will attend five monthly group sessions lasting 3-hours each as they ‘navigate‘ the challenges of applying these skills in their day-to-day working life. After six months delegates will return for deeper skills transfer to set them up for their future, ongoing ‘adventures’ as a great Scrum Master.

Important Note

This program DOES NOT cover an introduction to the Scrum framework or the role of the Scrum Master. A working knowledge of Scrum and the Scrum Master role is required to attend this class. If you need an Introduction to Scrum or the role of the Scrum Master, why not start with one of our other training courses - an Introduction to Agile & Scrum, or, The Role of the Scrum Master.

So how does it all work?

Workshop One (Explorer) - 2 days

In the first workshop you will meet your fellow learning cohort and ‘explore’ every aspect of what it takes to be a great Scrum Master. You will work through every aspect of Geoff Watts RE-TRAINED model and develop your skills to become more:

  • Respected
  • Enabling
  • Tactful
  • Resourceful
  • Alternative
  • Inspiring
  • Nurturing
  • Empathic
  • Disruptive

Supported Deliberate Practice (Navigator) - 6 months

After the first workshop you will return to your team(s) and begin to apply what you have learned, however, you will not be alone. You will support and be supported by your learning cohort. Through five monthly group supervision sessions and your own unique commitments to one another, you will ‘navigate’ the specific challenges you face day to day. ‍ ‍


Workshop Two (Adventurer) - 2 days

After six months of hands-on practice and group supervision you will return for another two-day workshop. Here you will be provided with more, and deeper, theory and guided practice to prepare you for your future ‘adventures’ as a great Scrum Master. Your Scrum Mastery skills will be taken to another level and learn how to:

  • Build a psychologically-safe culture
  • Serve yourself so you can serve others
  • Master the power of silence
  • Tackle your cognitive biases
  • Keep a sense of togetherness even when apart
  • Coach for change
  • Grow a more ORGANIC culture within your organisation

Lifetime Ticket(s)

After leaving the course, not only will you have developed great habits and a supportive network of other Scrum Masters but you will also receive:-

  • A copy of Geoff Watts book Scrum Mastery (2nd edition)
  • A Persuasion Pack deck of cards
  • Lifetime access to the learning cohort platform
  • A digital bundle of cards on the Agile Coaching Cards smartphone app
  • Lifetime access to the eCourse of pre-recorded Scrum Mastery videos from Geoff allowing you to revisit any aspect of your training at any time...forever!


"The Explorer workshop was an engaging training course, with open discussions, exercises and self-reflection time. I have come away wanting to adapt and incorporate some of these into my ways of working with my Scrum Team.

It was much better than typical classroom training."

Sara P.


Trainer Testimonial

"Robin is an excellent trainer and coach. His knowledge and expertise is un-matched but what sets him apart is the respect and compassion with which he works with others. It feels great to work with someone who can empathise with us and empower us with knowledge that helps us excel in our role as SM. Plus, there's never a session with Robin where you wouldn't learn something new and fun!" - Pragya N

"Robin is an empathetic trainer with tonnes of experience and knowledge. Through his creative, enthusiastic, and down to earth approach, Robin has helped me to better understand complex problems, and enabled me to succeed in my role as a Scrum Master" - Lukasz M