Below are a details of the recommendations that I have received via LinkedIn.

Justin Hui - Contract Software Developer

I worked with Robin at DHL for nearly a year.

He was an excellent and robust agile coach. He helped guide and help the team make consistent project progress through the time.

Simon Bradford - Segment lead, Tools and Processes at Vodafone

had the pleasure of meeting Robin when he was bought in to support Vodafone in it's agile approach to working. He is an absolute gem to work with. He is very knowledgeable on his subject, enthuses passion on how to get the best out of agile and is tireless in making sure people understand what it's about to the point where you just get it. What surprised me the most was his attention to detail: he is on the ball and shines positive that is infectious. He took Vodafone on the agile journey and managed to change a lot of minds on how best to work. I'd recommend him to any company seeking to work better in an instant.

Mark Blackwell - Product Owner at Ovarro (formerly Servelec Technologies)

Robin joined the company to lead a team of consultants to steer our agile transformation. Robin has an extensive and varied knowledge of all agile methodologies and his ability to motivate and drive the teams to deliver the most value was impressive to see. Robin's innovative and unique scrum ceremonies were tailored to the specific needs of the teams and ensured everyone got the most benefit from their time. I'd recommend Robin for any agile coaching or Scrum Master roles.

Karen Fearn - Senior Software Engineer at Ovarro (formerly Servelec Technologies)

Robin was brought into Servelec Technologies to help lead us toward a more agile way of working, as part of this we were lucky enough to have him as our Scrum Master. We learnt a lot of invaluable knowledge from Robin and he was always there to guide us, bounce ideas and help improve processes. The team became happy and more productive. Robin ran great agile ceremonies and is greatly missed. Thank you Robin and all the best for your next ventures.

Andy Matthews - Agile Delivery Manager at Ovarro (formerly Servelec Technologies)

I had the pleasure of working with Robin on an Agile Transformation and National Telemetry Programme. Robin’s in-depth knowledge of Agile principles and delivery techniques was fundamental in the adoption of a change in delivery approach. His excellent coaching and facilitation techniques, coupled with infectious enthusiasm enables him to develop and mentor successful delivery teams. I would recommend Robin to any organisation looking to follow a similar delivery transformation or challenging project delivery.

Andrew Spence - Business Analyst as Ovarro (formerly Servelec Technologies)

Robin has a vast knowledge and understanding of Agileprinciples, and - more importantly - has the ability to get thisknowledge and enthusiasm across to his team. I've worked withRobin and have seen the result of this - a steady increase invelocity from a happy and motivated team.

Paul Jervis - Lead Developer at Ovarro (formerly Servelec Technologies)

Robin was the Agile Coach and Scrum Master within the team I was assigned to at Servelec Technologies. His deep knowledge of Agile Principles was evident throughout and he kept the team rolling forwards during the tricky transition period during any company's Change of Ownership. Robin's leadership in the Agile Transformation at Servelec also meant he was instrumental in the facilitation of creating 7 further Agile teams and educating all levels of the organisation on how the Agile Principles are applied to a company that is traditionally strictly Waterfall. It seems that Robin's training has been highly effective that Servelec feel comfortable that they have learnt enough to continue to lead the remaining steps of their Agile Transformation with the fundamentals instilled by Robin.

Phil Anthony - Programme Manager at Vodafone

Robin, you played an immense part @ Vodafone kicking off somePOCs to get some Service Improvement initiatives off the ground.We proposed JIRA as the replacement for multiple manualprocesses in Sell, Build & Run and your expertise got us acrossthe line. Good Job !!!

Vaiyapuri Thiripuranathan - Deputy Manager Cloud and Hosting at Vodafone

Rob, as we fondly call Robin, is really a champion in Agile world. I got to interact with him closely, when we were trying to set up an Agile team for one of our customers which he took up from the scratch. His knowledge and understanding about the topics are so well such that the so called Agile journey have become so easy and interesting. Thank you and keep guiding Rob.

Temitope Awere - Agile Coach/Kanban Master at Vodafone

I have had the pleasure of working with Robin at Vodafone. To say that Robin is a highly skilled Agile Coach doesn't do justice to his immense contribution to our coaching and agile transformation effort at Vodafone. His knowledge of agile and its frameworks is impressive and he has been able to sprinkle just the right amount into everything we have done here at Vodafone. He is able to use his own personal insights supported by a good appreciation of the impact/use of data to help teams identify areas for improvement and to have greater predictability in their work. I definitely would love to work with Robin again in the future.

Wayne Kenny - Agile Delivery Lead at Lloyds Banking Group

I had the pleasure of working with Robin whilst he was at Lloyds Banking Group. Robin is a highly skilled Agile Coach / Scrum Master and helped the area he was working in become more mature in their Agile journey / adoption. He is able to use his own personal insights, as well as data to help teams identify areas for improvement and to have greater predictability in their work. I look forward to working with Robin again in the future.

Karthik Sarma - Manager (TCS) at Lloyds Banking Group

Robin is one of the awesome Scrum Masters I have worked with. He was the Scrum Master for one of the teams I was managing from the partner side, having critical deliverables and did share a great rapport. He is often called as Mr.Cool and he awes us with his excellent analytics skills(using Agile tools) and his week end summary emails....Good Luck and my Best Wishes to you Robin

Naresh Mekapothula - .NET Developer at Lloyds Banking Group

I had an opportunity of working with Robin at Lloyds Banking Group and it gives me immense pride and pleasure in writing this recommendation for one of the best Scrum Masters I have seen and worked with. Robin has an ability to connect well with all the team members and motivates, which helps in building a strong team and boosts performance, of all his skills one that stands out is his dedication and involvement in teams daily activity to ensure co-ordination and helping the team out in figuring and resolving the bottle-necks. Robin has an excellent knowledge of Agile and helped all of us, new to the methodology, understand it better. He has his own style of running the scrum ceremonies especially the Review and Retrospective meetings, he brings all his learnings and innovative ideas into practice to make the team to completely involve and interactive in the calls. He was an amazing asset for us and will be for any company that has the luxury of having his as an employee.

Michael Abendstern - Metrics Business Analyst at Lloyds Banking Group

I worked with Robin at Lloyds Banking Group and found hisknowledge and experience of Agile and Scrum invaluable. Hispassion and willingness to get involved will be sorely missed.

Jonathan Howell - Digital Transformation Programme Manager at Lloyds Banking Group

I had the pleasure of working with Robin in Lloyds Banking Group's flagship Agile lab. I had a great time working with Robin and will greatly miss him. He is a highly skilled Scrum Master who is passionate about Agile. He is someone I would not hesitate to work with again and feel he has a lot to offer any organisation he works with.

Phil Noble - Agile Delivery Manager at Sky Betting and Gaming

Robin is a very approachable and helpful Scrum Master. I had the pleasure of working with him at Sky Betting and Gaming and he was always willing to share ideas and help others. His retrospectives were fun, using a variety of games to get the most out of his teams, he even incorporated ten pin bowling into a themed retrospective. He was always thinking of new ideas to help improve the team and wrote many papers on the subject.

Adam Thomas - Scrum Master at Sky

I met Robin in 2015 when he joined our team of Scrum Masters in the Bet Tribe. After quickly showing he can join teams and add value, Robin went from working with one squad to two, before spending the bulk of our time together supporting what would eventually become the Trading Tribe. I've always admired Robin's creativity, presenting fun ideas to the teams to keep them engaged with the agile ceremonies. You can always rely on him to have something new to try, and this was really refreshing. Whilst he worked as a Scrum Master with me, I know he's trained and worked as a Product Owner so can see multiple ways to tackle issues, providing insight and empathy to his stakeholders. On a personal level, he's very easy to talk to, get along with and a great peer to bounce ideas off.

Andy Butcher - Solutions Architect at Sky Betting and Gaming

Robin's a great guy to work with. Unflappable, personable and knowledgeable. He has a collaborative style, guiding people towards better practices and better understanding. Definitely an asset to any team.

Adele Shaw - Scrum Master at Sky Betting and Gaming

Robin is an excellent Scrum Master leading the way with data driven continuous improvements. He is well respected by his peers and colleagues and is a pleasure to work with. His main focus is always delivery and best practice for his team.

Dave Semmens - Project Manager / Scrum Master at Sky Betting and Gaming

Robin is an excellent Scrum Master - at the cutting edge of new ideas with his regular papers and heavily involved in the setup and running of agile training at SB&G.

Diego Galeota - Sharepoint Developer at Impellam Group

I worked with Robin on a SharePoint migration project at the HSCIC, where he acted as the Scrum Master. In this capacity he proved to be very diligent, helping the team achieve its full potential by removing impediments and improving internal communication. Overall, I believe Robin did a splendid job and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

James Heywood - Software Engineer Lead at Capgemini

I worked with Robin on recent projects and found him to posses an excellent knowledge of Scrum and the ability to implement and mentor Agile methodologies to manage the project life cycle. He was always on hand to assist with any difficulties that arose both from a client and development perspective aided by proficient communication skills. I would have no hesitation recommending Robin as a potential Scrum Master for any future projects.

Mark Renyard - Agile Delivery Manager at DWP

I had the pleasure of working with Robin for around 12 months at the HSCIC, collaborating on several agile projects. Robin proved to be a great resource that could utilise his previous experience of a Product Owner. He has established himself as a ScrumMaster ready to tackle ever larger projects.

Caroline Endley - Agile Tester at NHS Digital

Robin is a great person to have as a Product Owner, as I was lucky enough to find out when he assumed the role for the PROMs project. He has a very clear vision of what he requires, but he is by no means blinded by this vision. His user story management allowed the team to deliver maximum value per iteration wherever possible whilst his understanding of the product backlog ensured that the stories remained relevant.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Robin and hope to do so again, whilst I also hope to work with other Product Owners with the same ethos as Robin.

Louise Featherstone - Senior Consultant at Infinity Works Consulting

Robin was an effective Product Owner for the PROMs Expansion Project. As subject matter expert, Robin engaged well with the project team and our IT Supplier.

Robin ensured the Product Backlog was prioritised with key 'must have' functionality flagged. Risks and issues were appropriately communicated together with clear goals for each sprint and release.

Robin was key to the PROMs Expansion Project delivering all 'must have' functionality in line with the customer's time, cost and quality constraints.

Ian Nelson - Freelance Software Developer

here was a palpable improvement in vision and decisiveness when Robin took on the role of Product Owner for the PROMs project.

His ability to convey complex business stories and analytical techniques to the lay software developer was a tremendous help at planning sessions, and his willingness to reprioritise and introduce stories mid-iteration helped to keep our Agile ship travelling in the right direction.

Robin is personable, pragmatic and intelligent, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Ashfaq Hussain - Freelance Developer

I worked with Robin on a complex NHS software system, and I found that he could organise and convey complex business requirements to the development team with ease. Robin was able to follow changing requirements and technical constraints with consummate ease, and had the foresight to fill in any remaining gaps in the requirements with detailed stories. I enjoyed his good humour and personable approach, and would recommend him without hesitation.

Mark Dickinson

Working for Robin as the product owner for the project has been a great experience. The project is very complex and there are many drivers for this complexity. What makes Robin great to work with, is that you can count on his reasoned judgement to steer the requirements and solutions in the right direction. By getting a firm grip on the important issues, he avoids time wasted in pursuing avenues that add little value to the project. This, combined with his calm approach when issues arise, makes working with him a pleasure.

Paul Campbell - Developer

During my time with the NHS IC, I worked on a large and relatively complex system with numerous interactions with other systems and datasets. When Robin took control of the role product owner, there were noticable improvements in the quality of Stories and associated Acceptance Criteria.

Robin has a pragmatic and flexible character with a natural problem solving ability. He has a talent for getting to the root of problems and spotting and removing any potential impediments. On a personal level, Robin is very easy to get along with - a strong communicator and great team player. I would be more than happy to have another opportunity to work with him in the future.

Letitia Fearon - Team Lead at Lloyds of London

Robin was the Product Owner on the PROMs Expansion project. I joined the project part way through and Robin was a great help to get me up to speed as he had inside out knowledge of the domain. We worked closely with him defining the priorities and writing user stories with testable acceptance criteria. It was really easy to talk about various options for the stories discussing the pros and cons with him and decisions were made in a timely matter. When we hit hurdles Robin was very flexible to ensure these were addressed quickly and encouraged face to face meetings to make sure the team was on the same page. Robin helped make the transition into the team easier and it was good to work with him.

James Mitchell

Robin fulfilled the 'Product Owner' role on the PROMs expansion project at HSC-IC. He demonstrated dedication to the project and a commitment to achieving results. He mastered both the agile process and the mindset needed to utilise the process.

As an external supplier and a business analyst I found Robin's inclusive approach to delivery to be effective and highly motivating.