The FOCUSED Daily Stand-Up

It is often argued that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As the most regular agile meeting, it could be argued that the daily stand-up is the most important agile ceremony.

This book explores the value that can be gained from your daily stand-up using the acronyn 'FOCUSED'.

Furthermore, it identifies a number of tips, tricks and suggestions that could increase the value of your most important agile meeting.

The FOCUSED Daily Stand-Up can be purchased as part of a number of packages which are detailed below:-

The Book

This package includes the book, The FOCUSED Daily Stand-Up, and a checklist has been created in order to help you review your daily stand-up and identify if it is FOCUSED.

The Fully Focused Package

This package includes the book, The FOCUSED Daily Stand-Up, the checklist detailed above, and, a set of printable cards. These cards have been created as an additional tool for gathering data about your daily stand-up. Following aggregation, analysis and discussion, this data can be used to help identify areas for, and actions allowing for, potential improvements to your daily stand-up to be implemented. Instructions on the way that these cards can be used are included in the document.

Please note that The FOCUSED Daily Stand-Up is still a work in progress. Purchasing early will ensure that you get the book at the best price and receive all future updates for FREE!